• Silastic 732 is a high performance, one-part silicone

    sealant that offers excellent adhesion (usually without a primer), elasticity, wide temperature resistant and long life reliability. Important Features : o Ease of use - one part, no mixing required, Non slumping, Non shrinking.
    o Does not crack, crumble or dry out in direct Sunlight.
    o Excellent temperature range -65 deg C to + 232 deg C.
    o Bonds almost all surfaces.
    o Chemically stable.
    o Colours: Clear, Black & White.


    o Gasketing in heating & refrigerating units, fixing screwless brackets or name plates and tacking plastic materials to metals.
    o Sealing windows in owen doors and flues on gas appliances, flanged pipe joints, access doors.
    o Formed in place of gaskets for gearboxes, compressors and pumps.
    o Sealing trailers, truck cabs.
    o Bonding and sealing appliance parts.
    o Anti abrasion coating.
    o Sealing of marine cabins and windows.
    o Filling and caulking joints in sheet metals stacks, duct work and equipment housings.


    Graphite Gasket is known as Flexible Graphite Gasket. According to different operating conditions, gaskets can be covered with single or double eyelets, or without eyelet. We also provide nuclear grade graphite gasket, sulphur content less than 600ppm. Superior performance. Graphite gaskets is widely used for pipe flange, pump, valve joint.